August Inspiration of the Month - Russ & Janice!

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August Inspiration of the Month - Russ & Janice!

Experience Momentum | Inspiration of the Month, | August 01, 2017

It is a tradition of our organization to spotlight a client and their journey each month in our newsletter. This month we are pleased to introduce you to Russ and Janice.  

Tell us about you and what motivates you:

Russ: I’ve been competing in sports for as long as I can remember.  At some point, I thought I would grow out of this, but that hasn’t happened yet. otani-2.jpg I still like to compete in various running events, play in a baseball league ( ) and play an occasional volleyball tournament.   My main fitness motivation is to get the most out of living an active lifestyle, especially with Janice and our teenage daughter Lianna.   I am also inspired by others who reach or surpass their fitness goals.

Janice: I was born and raised in Washington, am a mother of one human, one canine, and two felines, and have been married to Russ for quite a while now. I am motivated by competition and the thrill of being outdoors. My motivation to stay fit is to feel the best I can.

What has your experience been like working with us at Experience Momentum?

Russ: I first joined Experience Momentum because of the Run Strong classes that Laura and Geoff developed.   I was so impressed with the classes and EM in general, that I started attending other classes, like Yoga for Athletes and Restorative Yoga.  I am a true novice at yoga, but Karen and the other instructors make me feel comfortable and welcome. There is a genuine sense of community at Experience Momentum.  Even in group classes, each individual is treated with sincere respect and encouragement.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting on your fitness journey or are an experienced athlete; the EM team conveys a positive and inclusive environment. 

Janice: I have experienced the Physical Therapy service, Bootcamp classes, yoga classes, and massage. Everyone is welcoming and professional. I was very impressed with the collaboration of the staff. My class instructors knew what I was struggling with in PT and adjusted moves based on my level of recovery. The classes have gotten me back up to a fitness level where I can enjoy the activities I love (Skiing, volleyball, hiking, and the occasional 5K).

What obstacles have you overcome in working towards your health and fitness goals?

Russ: As an aging weekend warrior, there is a constant threat of injury.   About 5 years ago, I suffered a rather significant Achilles injury while running.  I found out this injury was mostly attributed to a weak core which encouraged poor running mechanics.   That injury made me aware of the importance of all around fitness, not just running fitness.   The Run Strong and yoga classes have enabled me to not only be injury free these past few years, but I feel much stronger and quicker.

Janice: It started with knee pain, which was a result of weakness and lack of fitness. Then, shoulder issues, which turned out to be improper movement. Between PT and the fitness classes, all are much, much better!   

otani-1.jpgWhat charity did you choose to give your winnings to, and why?

PAWS is our charity of choice. We have adopted one dog and one cat from there and fostered kittens. We are animal lovers and want to support a charity that is good at helping the animals, domestic and wild.

A fun fact about yourself:

Janice and I first noticed each other on the volleyball court, and after several years of dating we were engaged ON the volleyball court (that’s a whole story in itself).  This coming October we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Your favorite quote:

“….people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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