How to use Beets to fuel your diet

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How to use Beets to fuel your diet

Heidi Strickler | Food & Nutrition, | June 19, 2017

The Beet of Spring  

I discovered beets by accident, in a sense. I had only grown up knowing the pickled kind that my parents ate on salads, and thought they were slimy and gross. Then one winter during my junior year in college, I joined a CSA with a friend. My first box arrived, and inside was a range of root vegetables I had never eaten, cooked, nor heard of. Thanks to Google I was able to find some preparation tips and recipes, and within the week, root veggies were my new favorite food group.  

One thing I learned in the process, though, was that preparation is key, as is the case with most vegetables. Prepare something the wrong way, and it becomes flavorless mush, results in severe gas, or “tastes like dirt” (a complaint I hear about beets on the regular). To celebrate the versatility of beets, and to help break down the barriers many have to trying them, this week’s recipes focus on using beets for all meals, even including dessert.     

Beets are gorgeous.  How many foods out there will stain everything you own bright pink (including your insides)?  I guess you could say its nature’s most flamboyant root vegetable.  And there is a reason why beets have grown in popularity over the past five years:  


  • Beets are good for weight loss. 
  • Beets are great for brain and energy boost. 
  • Beets increase libido and improve hormonal balance 
  • Beets are a super antioxidant for a long, healthy, pain free life. 
  • Beets have anti-inflammatory benefits.  This includes natural wrinkle repelling, people. 
  • Beets provide cancer prevention.  I’m guessing you know someone affected by cancer?  Who doesn’t? 
  • Beets support cell detoxification and cleansing (notice that your pee is purple after noshing on a beet or two?) 
  • Beets have been linked to improved mental health.

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