Inspiration of the Month - Arick!

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Inspiration of the Month - Arick!

Experience Momentum | Inspiration of the Month, | February 01, 2018

It is a tradition of our organization to spotlight a client and their journey each month in our newsletter. This month we are pleased to introduce you to Arick.  

arick.jpgTell us about you and what motivates you:

"I work for a major aerospace company, which gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Knowing that my small contribution helps people enjoy their lives, and helps transports goods. In my personal life or at work I want to do my best every time, because it matters to me."

What has your experience been like working with us at Experience Momentum?

"Before I came to Experience Momentum I was using another physical therapy center, and had been using it off and on for about 15 years. I had an issue with this "other" physical therapy center, having been made to feel like all they were interested in was getting paid and not my well being. 

I found Experience Momentum via internet search. This IS the best physical therapy center hands down. Why? Everyone that works at Experience Momentum CARES!! You see it every day: the staff, therapists, and assistants will help you even if they don't know you. The encouragement you get to keep you motivated I've never experienced - so positive! They have Physical therapy, massage therapy and nutrition which I found out first hand helps you recover faster! 

I know after my recovery I'll miss all the people that have helped me recover!"

What obstacles have you overcome in working towards your health and fitness goals?

"Came here due to being rear ended in an auto accident. My injuries included neck pain, left knee pain, and lower back pain."

Experience Momentum will donate $250 in Arick's name to the 1% for the Planet charity of his choice. What charity did you choose to give your winnings to, and why?

"I chose PAWS because of the work they do with not only cats and dogs but wildlife, rehabilitating animals. Plus I love dogs!!"

A fun fact about yourself:

"I like to make people laugh." 

Your favorite quote:

"Planes don't pull over at 30,000 feet. You only get one chance to do it right."

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