Inspiration of the Month - Geoff & Blake

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Inspiration of the Month - Geoff & Blake

Experience Momentum | Inspiration of the Month, | August 01, 2018

Experience Momentum's mission is to educate, support, empower, and connect with our clients to create breakthroughs in their lives. It is of utmost importance to us to not only facilitate this for our clients, but for our team members as well. 

While you can find any of our staff chasing breakthroughs on any given weekend - be it marathons, ultra trail running, professional paintball, triathlons, or cycling - two of our teammates spent their weekend competing in their first Ironman.

ironman---blake-and-geoff.jpgGeoff Gabler and Blake Stephens have spent the last 7 months in training for this event. Our clients know them as forces of nature on the Physical Therapy floor, treating clients day in and day out, continually bringing positive attitudes, encouragement, and healing to both patients and staff alike. Our fitness members have seen them throw down in the gym - creating their own "Enduro-WOD" style workouts that many are afraid to even try.

Last weekend Geoff, Blake, and several members of our Experience Momentum family traveled to Whistler, B.C. to compete (or spectate) in the Ironman competition. 

After months of preparation, Geoff and Blake faced an exceptionally challenging course, with full sun and temperatures in the mid-90's for most of the day. After starting their race at 6am with a 1-hour swim, over 8 hours of biking with 10,000+ feet of elevation gain, and running for over 6 hours in what felt like 110 degree heat on the asphalt, the race course and the heat got the best of both. 

Even though the outcome was not expected, both Geoff and Blake left everything on that course, demonstrating true grit, perseverance, and passion for their sport. 

Geoff and Blake - from your Experience Momentum family, thank you for living out what it means to "create breakthroughs in your life". Not only in your pursuit of Ironman, but also in how you connect with and care for people so well, thank you for living the Experience Momentum mission in all that you do. Your Experience Momentum family was here to support your long journey to this Ironman, and will be there to support you in whatever you choose to pursue next.

ironman---geoff-2.jpg     ironman---blake-2.jpg     ironman---blake.jpg     ironman---geoff.jpg     ironman---geoff-1.jpg     ironman---blake-1.jpg

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