Inspiration of the Month - Meghan!

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Inspiration of the Month - Meghan!

Experience Momentum | Inspiration of the Month, | March 01, 2018

It is a tradition of our organization to spotlight a client and their journey each month. This month we are pleased to introduce you to Meghan.  

m.-buckman-a.jpgTell us about you and what motivates you:

"At first my motivation was just keeping up the strength/mobility in my robot leg, but it grew to now being motivated to be a more fit and healthy person; I’m not getting any younger!"

What has your experience been like working with us at Experience Momentum?

"I knew when I started PT here that this was a great find through my insurance, it’s just across the highway from my office and EM has a lot of the same core values that we have at Zumiez: empowerment, giving back, having fun, and learning/growing.  

I got hit by a car in a crosswalk downtown Seattle in June 2015 resulting in a tibial plateau fracture in my right leg.  After two surgeries, 3 plates, 8 screws, some cadaver bone, and three months on crutches, I was at least able to put some weight on it and learn to be mobile again.  I found myself at EM working with Geoff, Alayna and Theresa, six months after becoming weight-bearing.  I endured a lot of hard work, some bruises, some sweat (I hate sweating and would yell at Geoff for causing it) and occasional tears.  Geoff (strongly) suggested that I start bootcamp and/or yoga after I “graduated from PT” because I would need to maintain the strength in my leg.  I protested quite a bit (because of the sweating), but eventually gave in and with the support of everyone at EM and my newfound fit-fam with Zumiez, I have gone from bootcamp once or twice a week to a combination of bootcamp, Cyclebeatz, and MoFlex 4-6 times a week!  Shout out to all the great coaches I’ve worked with:  Robby, Brent, B, Christi, Kristin, Neno, Brittany, Nessa, and Katie (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone)!  I also started seeing Crystal for nutrition and I’m excited to see some more results with her!!"

What obstacles have you overcome in working towards your health and fitness goals?

"Welp, there have been quite a few obstacles.  Getting hit by a car definitely left me with more than just added hardware, extra bone and some gnarly (and beautiful) scars.  Learning patience in the recovery process and to accept and love my body again has been so hard!  I still get frustrated with the fact that my knee will hurt at times if I push myself too hard, or sleep on it weird.  My legs are still not quite the same in terms of muscle mass/symmetry.  But I take a deep breath and remember that it’s going to take time!  

Literally the entire team at Experience Momentum has taught me something, but a common theme that I hear each and every class I take, is that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for and I’m worth it!  

And lastly, sweating!  :)  I still hate being sweaty, but I’ve learned to rework my hair washing schedule."

Experience Momentum will donate $250 in Meghan's name to a 1% for the Planet charity of her choice. What charity did you choose to give your winnings to, and why?

"I chose the Surfrider Foundation Rincón, Puerto Rico.  They help protect the beaches, water and reefs around the island. Since Puerto Rico has m.-buckman-b.jpgseen ridiculous devastation from Hurricanes Maria and Irma, and there is still so much recovery to be done, I thought this would be one way to help!"

A fun fact about yourself:

"I moved out to Seattle from Green Bay, WI at the end of June 2014.  My friend and I trekked the 2000 miles over 34 hours and still managed to make an out-of-the-way pit stop at Mt. Rushmore!"

Your favorite quote:

Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulric

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