Our Favorite Tools & Tips for a Healthy New Year!

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Our Favorite Tools & Tips for a Healthy New Year!

Experience Momentum | Food & Nutrition, Inspiring Motivation, | January 05, 2018

It’s a new year, and many folks are creating health and wellness goals for 2018. We asked our team of Registered Dietitians about some of their fave tools and tips for creating a healthy, happy New Year.

Meet the team:









Alicia's favorite kitchen tool is her microplaner. They’re perfect for adding a punch of flavor, such as fresh ginger in tea, lemon zest on a salad, ormicroplaner.png light flakes for Parmesan on pasta. 

veggie-crinkler.pngRD Laura Hunter loves her vegetable crinkle cutter, since it helps her turn any veggie into fries! It’s a great fun way to get your kiddos excited about eating their vegetables.


An air popper is RD Chelsea Moore’s go-to kitchen gadget. Popcorn is one her favorite snacks because it's fast, easy, and a great source of fiber (and delicious!). Top with a little melted butter or coconut oil with just a sprinkling of salt for some extra flavor.


minimalist-baker.pngCrystal loves the Whole 30 cookbook for recipe ideas that are grain/dairy/soy/sugar free (especially great for folks like her with food allergies and/or anyone looking to participate in Experience Momentum's Six-Week Sugar Detox Program). She particularly likes their sauce and condiment recipes, as well as their great kitchen tips.

Chelsea recommends Run Fast Eat Slow, a cookbook by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky, stating it is “full of easy and super nutritious recipes that are also delicious. Even if you're not a runner this cookbook gives fantastic meal ideas that the whole family can eat!”  

Recipes by the Minimalist Baker are some of Alicia’s favorites. Alicia says “I’m not vegan, so will sometimes substitute eggs or chicken in her recipes, but they are always so simple and flavorful. A great place to start is her coconut curried lentils!”


Laura is not only a Registered Dietitian but also a certified CrossFit coach! She recommends using the New Year as an opportunity to try a new crossfit-alderwood.pngfitness class, perhaps a CrossFit class here at Experience Momentum!

Crystal suggests treating yourself to some new gear to help you hit any fitness goals you’ve set for 2018. “Nothing motivates me to get out and run like a new pair of sneakers, and having fun bright workout gear makes it more exciting to wake up and go exercise, especially this time of year” she says.

Resistance bands are Alicia's favorite piece of portable workout equipment. Not only are they lightweight, they are incredibly versatile and can help you get a great workout in, no matter where you are.


Chelsea loves the Nike Training App (free to download in the App store). She says there are fantastic workout options for those days you don't want to go to the gym, but still want to be active. “I have a set of 10-pound dumbbells and a 10-pound medicine ball at home, and that's more than enough to get a good workout with this app! You can choose length of workout, strength/flexibility/cardio focus, body weight or using some equipment, AND there's a real person demonstrating each movement as you go through the workout,” Chelsea states.

Pedometers are a great way to get the whole family excited about being active, says Laura. She and her kids use pedometers to track their steps and see who is most active throughout the day.

For recording food, Crystal recommends the YouAte app. “YouAte allows you to set health goals and then take pictures of the foods you eat. Based on the goals you entered, you get to categorize each meal or snack as being on path or off path.” YouAte can be a nice option for folks who want to do a food journal but don’t love entering each food ingredient by ingredient.

Other tips:

roasted-veggies.pngOne of Laura’s tricks to getting in her vegetables is to roast an entire sheet pan of her fave veggies over the weekend, and then use those throughout the week in various recipes. “Roasted veggies are great for quick meals,” she shared.

Chelsea recommends finding a workout buddy to exercise with. She said “having a friend you can go with to the gym makes working out so much more fun, and you have someone to keep you accountable on the days when it would be too easy to just stay home.”

Interested in detoxing from holiday excess? Our team of RDs collaborated to create a six-week Sugar Detox Program. “This program will help you reduce bloating and cravings for sugar, safely detox using whole foods, and helps you create new wellness habits for the New Year" shared Crystal. Pick up your copy at our front desk today!

Our team of Registered Dietitians is always here to answer questions and support you on your health and wellness journey. Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!

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