September Inspiration of the Month - Jenn!

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September Inspiration of the Month - Jenn!

Experience Momentum | Inspiration of the Month, | September 01, 2017

It is a tradition of our organization to spotlight a client and their journey each month in our newsletter. This month we are pleased to introduce you to Jenn.  

Tell us about you and what motivates you:

"My name is Jenn, a PNW native in love with rainy days and good coffee. I love helping others find what they are passionate about and helping them chase their dreams. What motivates me is chasing down the impossible. To know that I may think I cannot do something but I will never actually know until I try. Being able to see myself crush goals and reach new milestones in my life motivates me to keep pushing forward."

What has your experience been like working with us at Experience Momentum?

"I walked through the doors of EM for the first time two years ago for a torn Achilles. I was at the beginning of my health journey and fearful that I jenn-1.jpgwould not be able to run again. After six weeks of physical therapy, I was off to return to running. Eight months later, with minimal running due to a fear of being injured again and some hip pain, I called EM to meet with a physical therapist. Little did I know that meeting with Dr. Blake Stephens would significantly change my life. He worked with me to find out what was going on with my hip while encouraging me to get back to running regularly. With his help, along with Dr. Laura Mizumoto, I was able to train and run my first half marathon last October. Both of these amazing physical therapist worked with me to figure out how to treat my hip, improve my running gate, and propel me head first back into the world of running. From their influence, I started attending the Run Strong class once a month and increasing my strength. After a pact with my friend Karen, I agreed to give CrossFit a chance if she would run with me. The funny part about this now is I love CrossFit and she still hates running. This summer I started meeting with Heidi for nutrition while I train for my first marathon and I am finally realizing the great impact EM is having on my life. From physical therapists, nutritionists, and coaches, I am surrounded by people that care about me as a person and want to see me succeed in everything I do, regardless of how I perform in the running world. They've encouraged me to run further distances, go for bigger PR's in the gym, find balance in my nutrition, start and publicly share my blog, and be a better person. If you are looking for somewhere that will meet you where you are at while encouraging you to chase your best self, Experience Momentum is exactly where you need to go."

What obstacles have you overcome in working towards your health and fitness goals?

"My health journey is similar to many others. After realizing how much I had let myself go, I knew I needed to make a change. I started making healthier choices in my diet and incorporating exercise into my daily life in December of 2014. After an unfortunate event on New Year's Eve of 2014, where my relationship ended abruptly by being stood up at a wedding, I started running to gain self-worth through this person. Throughout the first half of 2015 I was running more and lost 30 pounds, but none of these actions were to better myself. They were to seek and gain the approval of the person who had rejected me. After going through my injury with my foot and not focusing as much on my health, I realized this was the case.

In April of 2016, I had a life altering experience in Nepal where I was in a near plane crash. I realized I needed to stop living my life for others and live it the way I was called to live. This meant overcoming the fear of re-injury, returning to running, and taking back control over my nutrition. Something had finally clicked in my head and everything I did was for me and no one else. Since that day, I've lost over 70 pounds and discovered my love of running. 

Most recently, I have spent about a year trying to figure out if I really am able to carry the title of being a runner. It's one thing to love running but it's another to carry the title of being a runner. I have an entire blog devoted to this journey of self-discovery and sorting through what this actually means in my life. The biggest hurdle here has been realizing that though I have shown significant improvement in my running, fitness, and health, I did not actually believe in myself or my ability. In June, I had the light bulb moment where everything clicked. I was a runner. My times were significantly increasing, I was getting stronger, and those around me viewed me as a runner. It just took me a little while to catch up to what everyone was seeing. Now that I've realized this, the amount of belief and trust I have in my ability to run is changing the way I go about my sport and my life."

jenn-2.jpgWhat charity did you choose to give your winnings to, and why?

"I chose Crooked Trails, an organization working to create community based tourism experiences. This is something that I have been able to do on my trips to Nepal and Chile, and being able to experience the culture through the community members is life changing."

A fun fact about yourself:

"I love everything fall and pumpkin! Which means the people at Trader Joe's know me by name in October when I am buying every pumpkin item they sell."

Your favorite quote:

"The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was." -Atticus

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