Why Breakfast is Our Favorite Meal of the Day

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Why Breakfast is Our Favorite Meal of the Day

Experience Momentum | Food & Nutrition, | May 08, 2018

We asked Registered Dietitian Laura Hunter to share a little bit about why she loves breakfast, and what actually makes it the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day.  I love hot coffee and the thoughts of starting my day off strong.  But with the business of life, a banana-muffins.pngnutritious breakfast can sometimes be overlooked for a donut on the run or the “I’ll just wait until lunch” mentality.  But countless research studies show the benefits of breakfast including improved mental capacity, body composition, work/sports performance and stamina, ect.  I know personally when I skip breakfast I am a grouch, way less productive, and often reach for sweets or less healthy foods for the rest of the day to compensate for my lack of fuel early in the day. 

When people think of breakfast, they often think of eggs, cereals, waffles or pancakes.  While these can be great choices as part of a balanced breakfast, one thing I like to tell my clients is that breakfast does not have to be traditional “breakfast foods.”  I also like dinner left overs (lettuce wrap filling is one of my favorites), sandwiches or even guacamole with some protein and starch.  I always recommend fiber and protein with breakfast for lasting energy.   In addition, I encourage my clients to have a good source of fat with breakfast as it can help them make better nutrition choices later in the day and there is some evidence it can help with hormone balance. 

As I am coaching my clients, I often tell them to make a change and note the results.  For example, if someone has cold, low fiber cereal for breakfast, I might recommend they change it to a higher fiber cereal like oatmeal or a high fiber cold cereal.  Then I will ask them to note the effects on hunger, fullness, energy levels or body composition.

So many people ask me: what do I eat for breakfast?  My current personal favorite breakfast is breakfast fritattas (click here for the recipe) with leftover roasted veggies and a side banana.  The fritatas are precooked on the weekend and packed for easy grab and go.  Near the later stages of the week when the fritatas run out, I often reach for yogurt, fruit and chia seeds.  My other favorite (and perhaps less optimal breakfast choice) is leftover pizza if we ever have it!

Now the challenge to you: find a couple of go-to breakfasts and commit to a healthy breakfast and a healthy life!

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