Your Secret Weapon for Healthy Eating

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Your Secret Weapon for Healthy Eating

Experience Momentum | Food & Nutrition, | January 12, 2018

We asked Experience Momentum's Registered Dietitian and CrossFit Athlete Laura Hunter for her best ideas for healthy eating in a busy schedule. Read on to learn her tips and tricks for staying on track amidst the chaos of life!

Anyone else feel like there is just not enough hours in the day?  Life is full with work, family, personal commitments and of course gym time!laura-h.jpg

Want to know my secret weapon for healthy eating during the chaos? Batch cooking!

Generally, my husband and I do the bulk of our cooking and food prep on Sundays.  We plan a few meals with left overs, grocery shop, peel, chop and prep just about all we eat for the week.  Then all we have to do is reheat meals during the busy weeknights.  Sound like a good idea?  Here are a couple tips to get you started:

  • Pick 1-2 days per week when you can devote an hour or two to preparing food.  Pick a few recipes that will provide leftovers.  I love soups and casseroles this time of year.  

  • Chop your produce and have it all ready to eat (or cook). Alternatively, consider buying pre-chopped veggies.  We make a big batch of roasted veggies on Sundays and also prepare another batch to cook  mid-week .  That way, we always have a delicious and nutritious side to add to a meal.

  • Use a crock pot.  Most weeks we cook a generous portion of chicken.  This we shred and use for salads, wraps or even just by itself.  Mix up the seasonings so you don't get bored. I am also a big fan of pot roast.

  • Batch cooking works for breakfast foods, too.  Egg fritatas store well and so do overnight oats!

  • Make it fun!  Put on some music,  a silly movie or anything else that can make the time fun.  Bonus if you try a new food or recipe!

  • Take it slow!  If batch cooking is new to you, try it for a few meals per week and see how it goes.  Celebrate your success and build on it!

Good luck!

-Laura Hunter, MS, RD, CD, CSSD, CF-L1

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