Yoga 4 Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is for the everyday athlete who is looking to improve their strength, flexibility, and balance.

Enhance Performance. Improve Results. Prevent Injury. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior, endurance athlete, or crossfit enthusiast, Yoga for Athletes is a must in your weekly routine. 

About Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes blends two main styles of movement: conditioning and recovery. 

Yoga for Athletic Conditioning
A challenging strength building class.

Yoga for Athletic Recovery
A gentle class incorporating longer holds for mobility and myofascial release.

If you consider yourself more of an athlete than a seasoned Yogi, these classes are for you. Make them the base of your performance pyramid. You may never put your foot behind your head, but you will improve your shoulder range of motion to enhance your front rack position. You will improve your hip mobility and strength to generate more power when you're on the saddle. You will learn the fundamentals that allow you to become the best athlete, whatever that means to you. Designed for athletes of all levels and backgrounds.



Lindsay R.
Yoga for Athletes classes is the best! The instructor is knowledgeable, skilled, kind, and, best of all, FUN. Her classes always leave me in the best mood. She knows just when to challenge students and when to modify poses for injury or individual ability levels. I highly recommend her classes for athletes who love yoga, athletes who have never tried yoga, and even for people who don't consider themselves athletes. Tracy has something to offer everyone!


We invite you to try us out for a free week. If we are not for you, we will help you find a studio to meet your needs. Still looking for more inforamtion, contact us

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