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Yuki O.
I have been doing crossfit for about a year now but only a month at Experience Momentum. The first week here I have learned more about proper form and flexibility than I have in my previous year. This is because the coaches are very knowledgeable, attentive and awesome to work with. They strive to make you better to reach your maximum potential but most importantly it is fun!!

Traditional CrossFit has created a wonderful opportunity for everyone to experience successful fitness. However, the current CrossFit model is a two-dimensional answer to a three-dimensional problem. The idea of symmetry in physical training and fitness does not align with the reality that you are not a symmetrical human being. Your right hip might have a different range of motion than your left, your left arm may be stronger than your right. Achieving harmony with your flexibility and strength depends on your ability to understand, correct, and build from your asymmetries. At Experience Momentum's CrossFit Alderwood, the coaches understand these asymmetries and are supported by a team of Physical Therapists who are experts in assessing these imbalances and creating a plan for how to improve them, should they cause you pain or inhibit your ability to progress at any point in your journey.


our 3D approach to CrossFit 

Three dimensional movement is your key to performance and injury prevention. Forward to backward motion is known as sagittal plane movements. Side to side motion is considered a frontal plane movement. Turning or rotation is a transverse plane movement.

We have a 3D approach to movement, using all three planes of motion, especially the transverse plane, to assure mobility, stability, and strength. If you can squat 400 pounds but are unable to rotate while squatting to pick up your child, what was the point of the 400 pound squat? The human body occupies a three dimensional space (and moves as such), so it is critical our body train in all three dimensions. We love doing Cleans, Deadlifts, Pullups, Pushups and other sagittal plane movements, but Experience Momentum's CrossFit adds the elements of rotation and side to side movements into its programming. 


who makes up our CrossFit box...YOU!

If you are reading this, you are looking for something unique. You are searching for a fitness community that supports and inspires your goals. Our gym is here for you. We are not a faceless facility. Everyone will know your name, and help encourage you towards your goals and dreams. Sign-Up now!


who runs our CrossFit Alderwood?

Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Nutrition & Fitness owns and operates CrossFit Alderwood. Staff ranges from CrossFit coaches and yogi’s to Physical Therapy Doctors and Registered Dietitians. We pride ourselves on both the experience and the knowledge contained within our CrossFit gym, and are proud to service the North King (Seattle, Shoreline, Kirkland, etc.) and South Snohomish (Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, etc.) Community.


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You've read this far, and obviously want to make sure we are the right fit. So make sure. Try our one-week all-inclusive pass and test away. You are now armed with all the information you need. It's time to sign-up. See you in the gym!

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