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Redefine what's possible in your life through Experience Momentum's integrated focus of therapy, nutrition and fitness. Experience Momentum is offering the opportunity to secure introductory pricing on fitness and crossfit memberships, massage wellness plans, and nutrition plans to their NEW second location in Fremont, Seattle opening December 2018.


Prices increase January 1st, 2019
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Fitness & CrossFit

How the ‘fitness class’ Fremont Original Sale works: Try before you buy! When you buy one of the fitness memberships below, you receive a FREE 7-day trial at Experience Momentum Fitness in Lynnwood AND an additional FREE 7-days at Experience Momentum Fitness in Fremont. Your card will not be charged until the Fremont gym location's 8th calendar day of the gym's operation. Until then, follow us on Instagram. 


Available Classes

Experience Momentum's CrossFit brings you the best in CrossFit programming, backed by Physical Therapists to assure your movements are clean, appropriate and effective. 

This 50-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) style class integrates body weight-based and CrossFit movements without the use of barbells to build the power, strength and functional range of motion you need to tackle your fitness and performance goals.

Strength Training for Runners, this 50-minute class is built, programmed and taught by Doctors of Physical Therapy and Runners to better balance your body's strength profile — enabling you to run faster, longer, and stronger.


Class Schedule

See the schedule here. We have an alternating class schedule enabling you to invest in your fitness and allow you to gain the breadth of strength, power and endurance necessary to redefine your fitness.


Membership Options

Unlimited Fitness & CrossFit Membership

Or…contact us and we will get you set up.

$119/mo. through 2019. (Over 35% off)
Gear up for unlimited access to Experience Momentum Fitness at our Fremont, Seattle location. With CrossFit, Bootcamp, and RunStrong classes running from 5:30am to 8:30pm you’ve got lots of options. This is the best deal we've got, and is best for someone looking to do two or more classes in a week. You may buy multiple memberships for multiple people.

Personal Training

Training and fitness designed around your needs and weight loss, functional performance, and/or movement goals. Receive the 1:1 attention to detail you need to take your fitness and performance to the next level. With Personal Trainers who are versed in movement variation and modifications, we are able to tailor to your fitness level and movement needs and build the bridge to better fitness and movement. Our Personal Trainers work directly with Doctors of Physical Therapy and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists supplying you expert knowledge and advise every step of the way.

How the ‘personal training’ Original Sale works: purchase personal training and then choose to add-on an unlimited fitness membership. You must book and use your first service by January 31st, 2019 and will have 6-months to use all services from your first use.


Available Personal Training Offerings

20 Session Package (50-minutes each session)

$1000/package. (Over 35% off) Includes a 50-minute Fitness Assessment in addition to the 20 training sessions. Expires in 1-year. Non-refundable.

3-Month Unlimited Fitness & CrossFit Class Add-On

$49/mo. add-on an Unlimited Fitness and CrossFit membership for the duration of your training package. Add-on valid only in addition to active personal training sessions. To purchase, please buy the 20-Session package and then Click Here to purchase the 3-Mo. Unlimited Class Add-On.

Nutrition & Dietetics

How the Nutrition Fremont Original Sale works: Take advantage of our FREE 15-minute consult if you are trying to assess your need for a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Purchase the program(s) that best fits your need to reserve this pricing offer. All plans will be serviced from the Fremont location once the clinic opens (slated for December 2018). Services must have their first use by 1/31/2019. Until then, follow us on Instagram. 


Available Nutrition Offerings

Virtual Consultation

Email with an RD
Receive 1:1 counseling from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for 3 months by email.

$79/mo. for Unlimited emails for 3 months.

$39/mo. for two emails per month for 3 months.

$19/mo. for one email per month for 3 months.

4-Hours of Q&A with an RD

$299 (Over 35% off). Limit one per person.
Receive expert advice and clarification on all your nutrition needs by way of phone, video call, or in-person consultation. Appointments can be booked in as little as 30-minute increments or as a 4-hour total block. Whether it’s cooking advice, home kitchen organization, or general questions, we’ve got you covered.

4-Week Meal Plans

$159 (Over 35% off). Limit one per person.
Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists pair your nutrition needs with your lifestyle to create a meal plan providing a straightforward approach to eating well.

6-Week Sugar Detox Program

$69 (Over 35% off). Limit one per person.
For the sugar addict, the fast food junkie, the one who is a slave to cravings. Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists help you reset your taste buds in a safe way, with no fasting and no restrictions - just back to basics. Experience reduced cravings, increased metabolism, and long-term success through this self directed program. 

Local Grocery Store Tour

$99 (Over 35% off). Limit one per person.
Better eating and cooking starts with how you plan and shop for your meals. Take a Grocery Store Tour with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to learn how to better prepare the meals that will make the greatest change in your health. Watch our Intro Video.

Massage Therapy & Wellness

How the Massage Fremont Original Sale works: Choose the plan that best meets your needs for restoration and wellness. Purchase your plan of choice to secure this pricing for the duration of your plan. All plans will be serviced from the Fremont location once the clinic opens (projected December 2018) and must have their first use completed by 1/31/2019. Until then, follow us on Instagram. 

Available Massage Offerings

Monthly Massage Wellness Plans
Click on the Session Package to purchase.

6-Month Plan

$66/session at 1-session/mo.
$64/session at 2-sessions/mo.
$62/session at 4-sessions/mo.
$60/session at 8-sessions/mo.

3-Month Plan

$68/session at 1-session/mo.
$66/session at 2-sessions/mo.
$64/session at 4-sessions/mo.
$62/session at 8-sessions/mo.

Massage Packs
Click the Session Package to purchase.

8-Session Pack

$76/session for 8-sessions.
All 8 sessions must be used within 4-months of purchase date.

Restrictions: The Fremont Original pricing is eligible to NEW Experience Momentum Fitness, Massage, and/or Nutrition clients or for those who have not participated in our paid services since August 2017. All of the Fremont Original services will be serviced in the Fremont location only. Other restrictions may apply as noted with each service.


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More Options?

Looking for more membership options? Don't worry, we will have more membership and pricing options available when we open later this fall. Until then, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the above pricing as we will not be offering our services at this price again in the future.

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