What I Ate Tuesday: Germany Edition

What I Ate Tuesday– Germany Edition  

Hallo from Germany! I (Holly) thought it would be fun to share a day’s eats while I’m in a different nook of the world. The intention behind a post like this is to explore eating on vacation, food flexibility, and tuning into your body’s hunger, fullness, and satisfaction signals. What this post is not intended for: comparison. Every body is different. Genetics, exercise, energy needs, hormones, and appetite are only a few of the many factors that influence what, when, and how much any one person might eat in a day. 

For many, the topic of food on vacation presents a number of challenges. Often, vacation means repeated eating out. Maybe it’s a time where you allow yourself to indulge on foods you normally wouldn’t. Logistics and/or reduced motivation may get in the way of regular exercise routines. A combination of these factors can trigger feelings of guilt around pleasurable foods and may contribute to an “all-or-nothing" mentality, which leads to overeating and self-loathing. Through permission to enjoy guilt-free eating experiences and routine practice of checking in with how your body is feeling and what it’s craving, you can set yourself up to enjoy all the tasty foods that come with vacation without preoccupation, guilt, or uncomfortable fullness.  



Since being here, I’ve made sure to eat a big, balanced breakfast to keep me satisfied throughout the mornings until we’re ready for lunch, since our days have been absolutely jam-packed with train rides to neighboring towns, walking, and sightseeing. Our hotel has the best buffet breakfast, so it hasn’t been hard to fill my plate with all the yummy, satisfying goodies. This morning was whole grain toast - half with butter & soft-boiled egg and the other half with PB & raspberry jam. To go with the egg toast, I snagged some greens, cucumber, and a little caprese salad. On the side was a big spoonful of plain Greek yogurt with fruit, chia seeds, and coconut flakes. Black coffee and fresh-squeezed OJ to wash it all down.  


My mom and I took a train to Heidelberg to explore for the day while my brother worked in Frankfurt. When we arrived, we grabbed a whole milk latte for our hike up to the Heidelberg castle. Stunning! 



After exploring the castle, we wandered through Old Town before heading across the foot bridge to do a gorgeous hike/walk on the other side of the river. By this time we had walked 10 miles and we were both STARVING. Hanger was real. The best part of travelling with my mom is we have similar taste preferences and both enjoy a combination of a lighter option paired with something a little bit richer. We shared this truffle ravioli with asparagus & king prawns paired with their Ceasar salad and the combo definitely didn’t disappoint. It was also a glass of rosé with lunch type of day. Yum. 



After lunch before heading back to Frankfurt for the evening, an ice cream cone sounded too tasty to pass up. Even though we were still pretty satisfied from lunch, we knew it would be awhile before dinner and we might appreciate having had a mid-afternoon snack. Plus, there’s never a wrong time for ice cream. 



Happy hour was a glass of wine on the cutest rooftop along the river with this sunset view. Heavenly! 



I am still dreaming about/drooling over this pizza we had for dinner. Between the divine smells of the restaurant and my big, hungry eyes at the time, I was tempted to go for a whole "personal” pizza to myself.  Instead, I paused to think about how eating an entire pizza might make me feel, no matter how famished I felt or delicious it looked. My mom and I decided to share a 4 cheese with spicy calabrese salami and caramelized onions, and it was perfect. Delightfully satisfied.  

What a perfect day. The beauty was in the enjoyment of ALL the things – massive Renaissance castles, precious family time, 15 miles of walking, and of course, the tasty eats. Carbs at every meal? No problem. Bread, pasta, pizza, ice cream – yummy, satisfying, and provided my body with the fast fuel it needed to do all that walking about.  

Have you ever felt guilt related to vacation indulgences, uttered the words “calories don’t count on vacation,” or simply felt unsure about how to continue working toward your goals while traveling? Come see one of our registered dietitians to explore how to power a happy, healthy life with yummy and nourishing foods! 

Holly Anderson