Get to Know Holly, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Experience Momentum is thrilled to welcome Holly Anderson to our Nutrition Department!

Read on to learn why pizza is her definition of a balanced meal, and find out about her experience working with the Seahawks!


Hello, everyone!  

I’m Holly, the new dietitian on the block - very nice to meet you! I’m thrilled to be joining the Experience Momentum team. My greatest passion is in helping individuals develop a flexible, happy, and sustainable relationship with food. That picture looks so different for everyone, and I’m beyond excited to go on that journey with my clients here. I’ll primarily be at the Fremont location (Tuesday-Friday) but will spend Mondays in Lynnwood – hop on my schedule and let’s get to know each other! 🙂   

I’m going to follow Mack’s (the other new dietitian!) lead and share 5 facts about myself:  


I grew up in Eugene, Oregon as a Duck fan -> I went to Oregon State University for undergrad to become a Beaver -> in grad school I ended up a Husky at University of Washington. I like to call it the Pac 12 trifecta.  


When asked “what’s an example of a perfectly balanced meal?” my answer: Pizza!  

  • Crust = Carbs 

  • Cheese = Protein & Fat 

  • Toppings = Protein (pepperoni, prosciutto, chicken, etc.) & Fiber (veggies) 


After undergrad, I randomly decided to move to Nashville, TN. Best decision of my life! It was 2 of my favorite years full of good eats, new friends, and live music any night of the week. 


My previous job was working for the Seahawks. Through education, nutrition counseling, and providing nutritious and delicious snacks, I helped support the players in their training, hydration, and recovery.  


For me, the most exciting thing about being a dietitian is helping people experience the joy in food. We are constantly bombarded with marketing and messaging that make navigating the food environment confusing and for many, challenging. The bottom line: Food is social and cultural, we need it to survive, it fuels us to do the things we love, and most importantly... it’s delicious! I’m excited to help people cultivate a positive relationship with food and their bodies.