Get to Know Mackenzie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Experience Momentum is thrilled to welcome Mackenzie Schiltz to our Nutrition Department!

Read on to learn about her nutrition philosophy, and the one meal she can’t live without!


“Hello everyone! My name is Mackenzie, and my three most common nicknames are Mack, Kenz and Kenzie- so choose whichever rolls off your tongue the best. I just joined the Experience Momentum team as a Dietitian in the new Fremont location and I could not be more excited! I love meeting new people and helping to change lives through the power of nutrition, behavior change, and overall wellness- so please, come chat with me! To make this introduction a little more fun and personable I will share 5 random facts about me:


I received my undergrad nutrition degree from Oregon State University (the beavers NOT the ducks) and completed my dietetic internship at the University of Minnesota. Therefore, I have been a beaver and a gopher, which I find comical.



I have played basketball throughout my entire life and in high school I got ejected from a game for “punching someone”. When you meet me you will not believe this because I look like one of the least likely people to throw a punch (and I didn’t for the record).



The dietetic internship that I completed in Minnesota is the only eating disorder focused program in the nation. I have a passion for those struggling with disordered eating, emotional eating, and believe that nutrition and wellness is about so much more than just the food.



If I had to choose one last meal on earth to eat I would have a medium-rare steak with sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli. Oh, and if we are talking dessert I would have a chocolate molten lava cake with a side of vanilla ice cream. 😊



I genuinely enjoy eating healthy, but I am a firm believer in balance. My nutrition philosophy is built around eating real, whole foods without restriction in order to create a healthy, sustainable life.”

Mackenzie is now accepting new patients at Experience Momentum’s Fremont location. Call 206-309-3966 or email to schedule a free 15-minute Nutrition Goal Assessment with her!