Life After the No Sugar Challenge

Life After the No Sugar Challenge

Congratulations! You’ve completed the No Sugar Challenge. Now what?


You’ve changed your food choices and built some great new habits. Now is an excellent time to reflect and notice how your body is feeling. Do you have more energy? Feel better overall? Have you noticed any changes in those nagging chronic health complaints?

If you answered positively to those questions (or any other self-assessment question) then it is NOT time to throw in the towel and go back to your old ways!

That said, it may not feel realistic to continue to completely avoid added sugar for the rest of your life. Now is a great time to start implementing moderation into your routine, which will help you create sustainable change. What does moderation look like? We’re so glad you asked!

Moderation looks different for everyone. There’s a reason that term is vague - it gives you the flexibility to customize what “moderation” should be for your life, and for what is appropriate to your health and overall eating habits. Determining “moderation” for you will involve some self-reflection. If you are still having trouble coming up with a reasonable way to approach eating sugar for the rest of your life, stop by and chat with one of our Registered Dietitians. They are experts at helping people define moderation!

Knowing that not everyone can take the time to stop in and see our team of RD’s, here are a few examples of ways to approach life after the No Sugar Challenge:

1.    Stick with it because you feel amazing! Continue to eat very little to no sugar.

2.    Make most of your sugar choices “natural” (i.e. honey, molasses, maple syrup, etc.) - and still attempt to consume a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains and drink 80-100 oz of water daily.

3.    Be mindful of your total daily sugar intake. Stick to the scientific recommendations of <24g daily (2 Tbsp) for women and 36 g daily (3Tbsp) for men. Continue to incorporate a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains and plenty of water 80-100 oz into your daily routine.

4.    Go back to your normal routine—but with a few minor adjustments. Be mindful of food choices and incorporate a variety of fruits, veggies, >80 oz of water daily and attempt to make at least half of your grain choices whole grains.

We wish you good luck on your 2019 wellness journey, and thank you for participating in Experience Momentum’s Nutrition community event to kick off the year with less sugar and better habits!

Remember: Experience Momentum’s team of Registered Dietitians are available year-round at both the Lynnwood and Fremont locations to help you on your wellness journey! Have nutrition questions? Need help adjusting to life after the No Sugar Challenge? Set up an appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians today!