Pre- and Post-Op Nutrition Care Plan

Are you or a loved one preparing for surgery?

Take advantage of Experience Momentum Nutrition’s new evidence-based protocol and set your body up for healing success!


Having good nutritional status is essential for wound healing, as the nutrients you eat are literally the building blocks your body is using to build tissues, repair itself, and heal. Ignoring your nutrition during the weeks surrounding your surgery will impede your body’s ability to heal, resulting in a delayed healing process and translating into more time away from the activities you love. Taking time to develop a nutrition strategy prior to your surgery sets your body up for the best possible environment to support rapid healing. 

To heal, your body needs increased amounts of nutrients to support the increased demand that healing places on the body. Glucose from carbohydrates is the body’s primary energy source to support building new tissues and healing wounds. Fatty acids support cell structure and play a major role in mitigating inflammation. Protein is involved in collagen formation and fluids lost from wounds often require additional supplemental protein to support wound healing processes. Additionally, certain vitamins and minerals are essential for wound healing and maintenance of healthy tissue.  

Bodies respond to surgery-induced inflammation differently, so taking steps before your surgery to create an environment that promotes healing will reduce your risk of complications such as surgical site infections, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. Research shows that consuming increased amounts of specialized nutrients during the weeks before and after your surgery promotes improved healing, lessens the inflammatory impact that surgery has on the body, and even reduces hospital length of stay. Experience Momentum’s Pre- and Post-Op Nutrition protocol, created by Registered Dietitians, reviews each of these nutrients in detail as well as provides recommendations for how to obtain the amounts of each nutrient needed to create the most favorable environment for healing. 

As it is to your advantage to have a nutritional strategy to support optimal healing, we recommend reaching out to your medical team four to six weeks before your surgery to begin discussing your nutrition strategy and steps you can take to set yourself up for a successful recovery. Your surgeon may discuss some additional nutrition interventions you can begin implementing in the weeks leading up to your surgery to set yourself up for healing success.  

For more information and to review our protocol on optimizing your body to promote surgical healing, consult your Experience Momentum Registered Dietitian.