Put Your Excuses Aside

Always feel like you’re spending more energy making excuses then actually doing something?

Let Experience Momentum’s Registered Dietitians help you learn how to take advantage of your time now.


Do you want to clean up your diet and eat more nutritious foods in order to feel better but haven’t found the “right” time to start? There will always be holidays, vacations, parties, events and temptations resulting in a variety of excuses. The Registered Dietitians at Experience Momentum are here to tell you that the perfect time is now.


Feel like you don’t have enough time?

Today our society is busier than ever, which means cooking from scratch may sounds un-doable. Our Dietitians will help you come up with easy recipes where you will spend less time in the kitchen, help come up with meal prep strategies and take advantage of healthful convenience foods.


Feel like eating healthy is too expensive?

 It can be, yes. But with the help of our Dietitians you will learn how to shop smart and take advantage of foods that are on sale and in season. Plus, the more you cook at home the less you spend eating out and buying junk food.


Always on the go?

Whether it be traveling for work, dropping off the kids to and from school, or driving to numerous appointments, it is possible to stay on track as long as you are prepared. Our Dietitians will help you become better prepared by teaching you how to choose healthy portable snacks and meals, make your own meals and snacks to bring on the go, and make good decisions while dining out.


Is your family too picky?

It may take time for the whole family to make the transition to eating nutritious foods, but people’s palates will change and expand! Our Dietitians will help you find ways to sneak greens in your kid’s meals, make healthy recipes that also taste good and help keep meals flexible.


Each one of us are guilty of one (or all!) of the excuses above plus more. While making excuses is a subconscious process, creating a habit requires hard work and conscious effort. We tend to have this idea in our heads that living a healthy lifestyle is a time-consuming, monotonous task. At Experience Momentum, our Registered Dietitians work with you to find clarity in nutrition that is sustainable and supports the life you want to live. We will meet you where you are at in order to make healthy eating fit into your lifestyle in a way that you can happily maintain forever.


Call today and schedule an appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians at either our Lynnwood or Fremont locations!


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