The Challenge is Coming...

The Challenge is Coming…

Sign the Pledge to consume no added sugar for 30 days and watch your health and body transform!


What is it?

What better time than after the festive holiday season to start making positive dietary changes that nourish our bodies? Experience Momentum’s Registered Dietitians invite you to join our "30 days of No Added Sugar Challenge". The challenge will run from January 7th to February 6th! During the challenge participants pledge to not consume any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

This challenge excludes: fruit, dairy (lactose), stevia found in protein powder, medications that contain sugar, fueling to support endurance training (gels, sports drinks...), and special needs for any dietary conditions (like hypoglycemia...).

Why should you participate?

Americans consume an average of ~20 tablespoons of added sugar per day which adds up to a whopping SIX POUNDS of added sugar each month – yuck! Consuming excess sugar can take a toll on your health in various ways:

Mood/energy levels: A diet high in added sugar has been linked to a greater risk of developing depression.

Intestinal health: Excess sugar consumption can alter the composition of your gut bacteria which may contribute to leaky gut and other digestive issues.

Heart Health: It's been shown that people with sugar consumption greater than or equal to 25% of their daily total calories are twice as likely to die from heart disease than those whose sugar consumption is less than 10% of their total daily calories.

Weight gain: Sugar contains no essential nutrients (protein, vitamins, etc). The more sugar you consume the higher your daily calories will be which may result in extra pounds.

And the list goes on...


Still not convinced?

There will be prizes!

Successfully complete these amount of days without added sugar and you'll be entered to win:

  • 15 days: "When in doubt eat a vegetable" shirt.

  • 25 days: Box of your favorite nutrition bars/epic strips

  • 30 days: 1 sugar detox program and a 30 min session with an RD

How to participate:

Sign up in our main lobby today!

Not a Western Washingtonian? Don’t worry! You can still participate remotely! Take a photo of your signed pledge to not consume added sugar, create your own accountability chart to keep track of your no added sugar streak, and DM photos of your pledge and weekly progress to @experiencemomentumnutrition on Instagram or email them to

Are you wanting a little more support?

Make an appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians or purchase our Sugar Detox program for a 6-week crash course to retrain your taste buds and quit that sugar habit for good! The Sugar Detox program is available for purchase on our website or in our Fremont and Lynnwood clinics.