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It’s finally here! Halloweek is the time to be silly, scary, or anywhere in between. Feel free to sport any of these costume ideas in class or around the clinic. Brownie points to the most creative!

Monday: Planet Earth- Plants, animals, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Fungi, tectonic plates, Water Bear tardigrades- The world is your oyster. LITERALLY.

Tuesday: Disney- Pixar. Whoa, the options.

Wednesday: Hawaiian -Who's bringing the whole pig bbq? ...Our resident menehune, Brent, Samantha, Clifton, Paddy, Nessa, and Alayna have a head start on us so good luck catching up everyone.

Thursday: 90's Pop Culture- Wooahhhh! You got it, dude. MMbop and Spice Girls will be playing on repeat all day

Friday: The people have spoken and Pajama Day is a fan favorite voted back in for Friday after you have a hard week of cooking up costumes

Earlier Event: October 28
Later Event: November 1
Crossfit Open (Friday Night Lights)