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Welcome! Here, you will redefine what’s possible within your life with Fitness Classes, CrossFit & Personal Training all in one space. With a team of fitness professionals who are integrated with a team of Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists & Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, you can be assured that our knowledge and support will keep you safe and moving forward towards your goals.


Personal Training & Performance

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1:1 or small group personal training built to evolve your current fitness level safely and effectively. Experience Momentum Fitness has experienced Personal Trainers who integrate with a team of Physical Therapists and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to assure that no matter where you are at, you can have the fitness and medical support necessary.

Available in both Lynnwood & Fremont, Seattle

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Bootcamp Fitness Class


45-minutes of high-intensity strengthening, building a stronger version of yourself within one of the most empowering communities around. Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) bootcamp class gives you far more than just running, rowing, and some basic weight lifting. Only thing you won’t see in this class is a barbell.

Available in both Lynnwood & Fremont, Seattle

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RunStrong Fitness Class


Strength training for runners, this 45-minute class is programmed and designed by Experience Momentum Physical Therapists as running specific injury prevention and performance class. This HIIT style workout is paired with the right movements to keep runners out of the clinic and on pace to their next PR. This is why you will start to run better, faster and stronger as a result of this class.

Available in both Lynnwood & Fremont, Seattle

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Fitness at your threshold combined with constant wave of empowerment from our community of members and staff. There are few fitness methods that empower you to take every n’th of your body to its peak potential during a class. Our programming is done in-house and our CrossFit Coaches are integrated into a team of Physical Therapists and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Available in Lynnwood with CrossFit Alderwood. We are in our application process with CrossFit HQ to bring you CrossFit at our Fremont, Seattle location.

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Indoor cycling powered by the beat and inclusive to strength training, power building, and all-out cardiovascular threshold achievement. With variable programming, this class has become the most popular addition to our member’s CrossFit, Bootcamp & RunStrong regimen.

Available in Lynnwood Only.

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Yoga built for athletes and individuals who know they need to do yoga, but don’t. This class is accepting to all levels, but a specific focus to those needing to evolve their controlled mobility during whatever life throws at them. Similar to our cycling programming, come see why this class has also become a primary addition to every member’s fitness ritual.

Available in Lynnwood Only.

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Specialty Classes

With the constant evolution of fitness and the needs of our community, we are excited to always offer a rotating set of specialty classes throughout the year. This ranges from Kick-Boxing to a Pelvic Floor Restorative class. Come in and learn what specialty classes are currently being offered.

Available in Lynnwood Only.

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Experience Momentum Fitness | Lynnwood

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Experience Momentum Fitness | Fremont

Our evolution.
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Experience Momentum’s Fitness Philosophy

Sweat, smile, and repeat under the care of an empowering community and a dedicated team of fitness and CrossFit coaches. Experience Momentum Fitness integrates CrossFit, Bootcamp, RunStrong, Cycle, and Yoga classes while also providing personalized 1:1 personal training so you have every opportunity to redefine what's possible in your health and fitness. With safety and efficacy being staples of our Physical Therapist backed gym, our fitness and CrossFit coaches have the support and knowledge that enable you to reach thresholds and movement goals without worry. Our purpose is to help you move well, and with coaching and programming designed to accommodate those who are new to fitness, the casual fitness enthusiast, and the elite athlete, our community and staff are here to support you as you chase your goals. Start your fitness journey today in either fitness classes or personal training.

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