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Our Philosophy at CrossFit Alderwood

Welcome to Experience Momentum's CrossFit Alderwood, where our members redefine what's possible amongst an empowering community and dedicated CrossFit Coaches. Join a community who will know you and push you to new possibilities. Experience safe and effective coaching from staff who know CrossFit and what it takes to get moving, stay moving and who care about form just as much as strength. Whether you are brand new to CrossFit or a long-time follower, come be a part of the community who will help you redefine what's possible in your fitness and your life. Welcome to CrossFit Alderwood.

CrossFit Gym Hours

Monday through Thursday 5a - 8p | Friday 5a - 7p | Saturday 8a - 12p
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CrossFit Memberships

CrossFit Alderwood Memberships range from $69 to $169 per month.


CrossFit OnRamp

We recommend performing a 1:1 OnRamp series with one of our CrossFit Coaches if you are new, a beginner, or returning to CrossFit after a hiatus. This empowers you to have the safest and most effective entry into the CrossFit training method. OnRamp is complimentary with Unlimited Fitness memberships, otherwise there is a cost associated with the service.

Alderwood Barbell Club

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If you're looking to improve your form, strength, and explosive power, this is the class for you. Join CrossFit Alderwood's Coaches in Alderwood Barbell Club, a class designed to support novice to elite CrossFit athletes and Olympic Weightlifters. Create technically sound form and gain strength in accessory movements to enhance the moves you do in class and in life.


Meet our CrossFit Coaches

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Clifton Uyeno, CF-L1

CrossFit Coach

Neno Bartocci, CF-L1

CrossFit Coach & Athletic Trainer

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Kayla Acott, CF-L1

CrossFit Coach & Massage Therapist


Kyle Amaya, CF-L2

CrossFit Coach

Michael Carlos, CF-L1

CrossFit Coach


Shanon Tysland, CF-L2

CrossFit Coach & Physical Therapist

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Blake Stephens, CF-L1

CrossFit Coach & Physical Therapist
Lynnwood & Fremont


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