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Take advantage of a complimentary 60-minute Fitness Assessment to understand your individual fitness needs and learn the strategy and programming needed to achieve your fitness goals.


Personalized Training Philosophy

Specific, challenging, and fun. Let Experience Momentum's Personal Trainers design a personal training plan that is specific to your fitness needs and level. Whether you are looking for accountability in movement or are trying to take your fitness performance to the next level, our Personal Trainers are here to create an individualized experience to help you meet your goals.



Our Personal Trainers offer session packs and membership options. We accept health savings accounts.

Monthly Packages: $40 to $75 per session

  • Month to Month or 6 month packages

  • 60 or 30 minute sessions

  • 12, 8 or 4 sessions per month

  • All monthly personal training packages include an All-Access class membership at a rate of $50 per month

Single Sessions: $55-85 per session

  • 60 or 30 minute sessions

Small Group Training is available based on the above structure with a 15% reduction in price per additional person.


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Additional Personal Training Resources

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Nutrition | A keystone to achieving your fitness goals, sign-up for a free 15-minute consultation with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Insurance & cash plans available.

Soft Tissue & Rehabilitation | Move well. Meet our team of Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists who are here to support your body's movement needs. Insurance & cash plans available.

Our Hours & Training Studio


Lynnwood Personal Training | City Center

Mon - Thur 7:00am - 7:00pm
Fri 7:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 7:30am - 12:30pm

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Seattle Personal Training | Fremont

Mon - Thur 7:00am - 7:00pm
Fri 7:00am - 6:00pm
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Fitness for Life


Move through life easier by focusing on general strength and conditioning. Design specific to your body's fitness level and around your goals, our fitness for life focus is meant to empower your movement abilities.


Post-Rehab Training

Build on your rehabilitation success and shift to a fitness focus through our Post-Rehabilitation personal training. Continue to build strength, mobility, and function to reach a new level of fitness. Service can be coordinated with your Physical Therapist.


Sports & Performance


Focused around your sport of choice, our Sports Personal Training.


Weight Loss/Gain


Change your body composition safely and effectively. Training plan is in coordination with care by a Registered Dietitian.


Activities of Daily Living

Maintaining function as we age is essential to maintaining independence in life. Our Personal Trainers are supported by Physical Therapists to assure our personal training plans can support the evolution of every level of function.


1:1 CrossFit Coaching

CrossFit is part grit and part skill. Our 1:1 CrossFit Coaching is designed to evolve your skill and safety with each movement. Your CrossFit Coach will assess your lifts and will take you through efficient and effective progressions week after week to achieve your goals.


1:1 Yoga Instruction

Focused training to evolve your personal Yoga practice. 


Weight Lifting Coaching


Focused training revolving around your Weight Lifting goals. 


Lisa G. - Boston Marathon finisher

"As a marathon runner, I've found my safe haven. I come here and am renewed :) Massage therapist Matt is awesome. Laura, DPT has inspired me so much. I came to her 3 weeks ago wondering if I was really going to be able to run Boston with an injury I was dealing with. Now I feel strengthened and empowered. All the staff have been so kind and encouraging. Thank you Experience Momentum!!!"

Meet the Personal Trainers


Michael Bowman

Personal Trainer

Chelsea Moore.jpg

Neno Bartocci, ATC

Licensed Athletic Trainer


Brysten James

Personal Trainer
Lynnwood and Seattle Clinic


Paddy Gleason

Personal Trainer


Ariel Roy

Personal Trainer

Christi Meyer

Personal Trainer


Chase Tucker

Personal Trainer

experiencemomentum2015-08 (37 of 42).jpg

Nessa Abuan

Head Personal Trainer
Lynnwood and Seattle Clinic

Erin Melton.jpg

Erin Melton, MS, ATC

Licensed Athletic Trainer


Clifton Uyeno

Personal Trainer

Photo Coming Soon _ Website Media.png

Kim Short

Personal Trainer


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