25% Off


Snohomish Run Company athletes receive 25% off the following cash pay services after select races.


Running Assessment

Regularly $125
Provided by one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, learn how you run and then learn how to run better. Assessment lasts 50-minutes.

Restorative or Sports Massage

Regularly $100
Provided by one of our Licensed Massage Therapists, restore your tissue back to prime condition. Massage lasts 50-minutes.

4-Week Whole Food Based Nutrition Plan

Regularly $350
Provided by our of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Requires a virtual or in-person appointment to gather information to build your sports nutrition plan.

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Requirements: All services must be purchased and used by 12/31/2018. All services are billed at the time of service. To book the service, you must provide proof of your race registration and/or Race Bib. The name on the registration and bib must match the client receiving the service. There is a limit of one of each service per person. Enjoy!