Experience Momentum’s Registered Dietitians provide holistic and individual nutrition care for their clients. Read on for testimonials from past and current clients regarding care from our Registered Dietitians and other providers.

“Mackenzie Schiltz is amazeballs!  I started eating vegan last year and my running coach was concerned that I wasn't getting enough protein. I have a marathon coming up and he wanted me to see a nutritionist to talk about that issue. I met with Mackenzie who thought I was getting enough protein but that I wasn't getting nearly enough carbs.  She believed about 30% of my calories were coming from carbs and I needed  50% to come from carbs. I upped my carb intake according. A month later I ran the St. Patrick's Day Dash and came in 2nd in my age group!  I had never placed so high in a major race before. The week after that I ran the Mercer Island half in 1:37, a time I hadn't accomplished in a half marathon in over 5 years! I can't say enough good things about Mackenzie--she sends you detailed notes after every meeting with helpful links and suggestions.  She literally has changed my life.”

-Michael W.

The nutrition services are informative and the Dietitians take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle so that their advice is something that is practical and easy to implement.
— Becca D.

“The folks at Experience Momentum are fantastic. I was nervous about physical therapy. The staff was friendly and helpful. My physical therapist, Megan M. is amazing. She is knowledgeable and thorough. She put me at ease, asks good questions and listens well. She's kind and encouraging. I have experienced quite a bit of relief for my shoulders and knees thanks to her skillful help. And Nutritionist Crystal is also wonderful. She is empathic and encouraging. She has many helpful tips and tools to get you on a helpful path for nutrition. With both Megan and Crystal, I feel like the care about me as a person and that this is more than a job to them-- they love helping people find healing and success. Can't recommend them enough.”

- B. E.

“The Dietitians are very knowledgeable and provide thoughtful ways to help think about the food you fuel your body with and work with you to ensure you’re getting proper nutrition for your lifestyle.”
— Steve W.

“I have been seeing Holly Anderson (Registered Dietitian) for the past few months and she has been amazing! She is super personable and very considerate/accommodating of each individuals different needs. Since seeing her, I have learned so much about strategic eating patterns and nutrition and how they can affect my body. I really enjoy working with Holly!”

-Marisa L.

“I initially came here for yoga and bootcamp, and soon expanded to nutrition services, then PT. Every experience I've had with the staff at EM has been spectacular. From the non judgmental education from registered dietitian Crystal Frank, to the energy and enthusiasm of bootcamp coach Brittany Athing and patience of yoga instructor Kim Short - these people know how to make you feel good inside and out.”

-Stephanie S.

I've been going to Experience for 3 months now and it's been a great experience all around from fitness, nutrition, and physical therapy. It's a holistic, warm, family friendly place. As far as fitness, the coaches are very supportive and attentive. I tend to go to CrossFit classes with coach Michael (MC) who is always focused on appropriate form, has the best tips for improving form, but also encouraging us to challenge ourselves. The coaches can interact with the PTs to ensure that you're safe in your movements. All the coaches have been great but some of the best support comes from the diverse group of people who work out at experience. It truly feels like a community. In nutrition, I see Crystal who is an amazing evidence-based dietitian but more than that an empathetic and kind provider. I have just  started seeing Dr. Newton for women's PT and so far it has been a great experience as well. I strongly recommend this practice for their well-rounded care and supportive environment.

- Yaniz P.

“Who knew a grocery tour of our local Freddies could be fun and informative! Thanks to Crystal Franck, RD, I learned several great tips in what to do/what not to do for healthy eating. I also explored the Edmonds Market with Crystal and discovered, once again, the benefits of shopping thru the eyes of a talented dietitian.”

-Anne M.

“Fabulous place -people, community, staff. From PT, to fitness classes, to nutrition, everyone is knowledgeable, motivating, and empowering on your journey. I love the collaboration, the genuine interest shown, and professionalism. Having had an injury history, it is reassuring to know that I can be myself and not compete with others, but instead be challenged to grow in ways which are both healing and motivating for my whole life. They are injury aware and help with prevention and recovery- both for PT and in fitness classes. In fact, many PTs, trainers, staff have had injuries before themselves. The PTs are doing cutting edge treatment and are wonderful. Nutrition professionals (Crystal and Chelsea) are all registered dietitians and help augment your goals for general wellness or if working towards a particular goal.”

-Anonymous K.

The registered dietitians don’t just tell you how much of what macro to eat. They give you specific examples and show you what a meal would look like.
— Angela A.