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Doctoral | Undergraduate


Experience Momentum has been teaching future clinicians since 2007. Learn more about the types of clerkships and internships we provide at Experience Momentum. Our undergraduate program was formed in 2007 and our doctoral program in 2014. See the below picture collage to get an idea of who we are.

Doctoral Internship



Experience Momentum Physical Therapy provides doctoral level clerkships for third year student physical therapists (SPT). Our clerkship is optimized for 12 and 16 week clerkships, however exceptions will be made for highly qualified applicants. Our clinical focus is around advanced biomechanics and the provision of movement and soft tissue based interventions. We utilize other tools as necessary, such as Myofascial Decompression, Graston, ASTYM, E-Stim, and more. As an integrated clinic, you will also be exposed to other domains of medicine and wellness. We see a broad spectrum of conditions, but our population has one goal in move better with less pain. Experience Momentum Physical Therapists are experts in human movement, not in a condition or a body part and we seek to redefine what's possible in our client's lives. We optimize our curriculum to create movement experts, not joint experts. From incontinence to Ironman racing, and post-op total knee to the CrossFit games our Doctors of Physical Therapy have to be strong in the spectrum of human function and dysfunction. If you want to become the best Physical Therapist, the movement expert, then this clinical is for you.

We have five blocks (A through E) for clerkships, with January being the start of our first block. April, June, July, and September represent the other four block starts. We are currently accepting students for the January, April, and June start blocks and have closed off our July and September blocks. This means you may start your internship in January, April or June for 12-16 weeks. This clerkship is an elective Sports Medicine and Outpatient clerkship for advanced applicants only. The pace is fast, the expectations are to be "Beyond Entry Level" at the time of the final CPI, and you will be graded on two instruments: the CPI and Experience Momentum's internal grading system. Experience Momentum's grading system is based on the fail, pass, high-pass, and honors metric. This is subjectively determined by our staff perception and report, and your Preceptors perspective of your performance. Experience Momentum's grading system is used to determine if you are a potential candidate for employment at Experience Momentum. To successfully apply after your clerkship, you must receive at least a high-pass and achieve Entry Level on the CPI.


To qualify for this clerkship, you must be in good academic standing, receive a formal recommendation by your school or program's Clinical Director, and be in your final two clerkships. Please contact the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) of your program first to verify that they will sign a contract with Experience Momentum. Unfortunately, Experience Momentum will NOT sign a long term agreement with any school or program as we accept students based on the merit of the applicant, not based on the contract with the school. This means we will not guarantee accepting a student each year.

Clerkship Matriculation Statistics:
2020: 1 student accepted out of 10 qualified applicants
2019: 2 students accepted out of 8 qualified applicants
2018: 2 students accepted out of 10 qualified applicants
2017: 3 students accepted out of 8 qualified applicants
2016: 0 students accepted out of 5 qualified applicants
2015: 1 student accepted out of 6 qualified applicants
2014: Doctoral program formed.

How to Apply

To apply, please email the following to with a subject title: "Doctoral Student Application - Dates __/__/20__ to __/__/20__ - Your Name."

  • Updated CV dating back to your first year in College ONLY.

  • Cover letter answering the following prompt: "What do you believe are the three most important characteristics of a Doctor of Physical Therapy?" Explain why for each. Must be less than one page, single spaced 12-point font, 1" margin. Please reference whether you intend to apply for a position at Experience Momentum come the completion of the clerkship should you be chosen. See our hiring policy below for more information. Application for employment is not required to be accepted into this clerkship.

  • Letter of recommendation by your Director of Clinical Education and/or a PT school Professor discussing why you are ready to take on an advanced clinical internship at Experience Momentum.

  • Copy of your DPT unofficial transcript.

Application due date:

  • February 28th for the following year. (I.e., March 28th, 2018 for all 2019 clerkships).

  • Applications are reviewed all at once, not on a rolling basis. If you apply early, we will place your file in cue, but will review it in alphabetical order. Applications are reviewed starting on March 1st, and interviews are provided to applicants who demonstrate readiness and desire for the clinical. If we do not believe any of the applicants demonstrate this, we will not accept any students for that year. Interviews will be completed by April 1st and all applicants will be notified about their status by April 15th. Accepted applicants will have 48 hours to accept and confirm their position, otherwise a roll-down process will go into effect providing the spot to the next qualified applicant.

Hiring Policy

100% of our Interns have applied for positions at Experience Momentum after graduation. While we are striving to create an opportunity for all graduates, this is not always the case. Performing your clerkship at Experience Momentum absolutely provides you an increased opportunity to be hired within our practice, but it does not guarantee being hired. You may formally submit an application for employment at Experience Momentum on your last day of your clerkship in which your application will be reviewed immediately. It is recommended that you make your intention to work at Experience Momentum known in your cover letter. Your Preceptor will not advise you on your application to Experience Momentum and will be recused from the application process regardless of their role within the company. All hiring of Doctors of Physical Therapy are at the discretion of the Director(s) of Physical Medicine and/or the Physical Therapy Managers. If you are accepted, you will start after the successful completion of your medical board exams. If you are not accepted, don't worry, you are kept close on our radar and provided a path to employment at Experience Momentum. We chose you as an Intern for a reason. You will be provided more information if this occurs. 

Lead Preceptors

All Physical Therapists at Experience Momentum teach, but as adjunct Preceptors. Our Lead Preceptors will formally review your performance and manage your clerkship.


Dr. David Patrick, DPT, FAFS

Lead Preceptor, Site Coordinator
University of Washington

experiencemomentum2015-08 (18 of 34).jpg

Dr. Blake Stephens, DPT, FAFS

Lead Preceptor
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine


Our Alumni

  • Dr. Sarah Maissy, DPT, University of Puget Sound

  • Dr. Andrew Stewart, DPT, San Diego State University

  • Dr. Katie Tougas, DPT, University of Washington

  • Dr. Taylor Carney, DPT, San Diego State University

  • Dr. Elena Liroff, DPT, University of Puget Sound

  • Dr. Stephanie Magnin, DPT, University of Southern California

  • Dr. Brad Whitley, DPT, San Diego State University

  • Dr. Devon Ehrlichman, DPT, San Diego State University


Physical Therapist Aide

Undergraduate | Pre-PT/Med


Experience Momentum Physical Therapy provides internships for undergraduate students interested in becoming a Medical or Physical Therapy Doctor, or Physical Therapist Assistant. Our internships are paid and include onsite training and education in Physical Therapist derived interventions and methodologies. The Physical Therapist Aide internship is optimized for a 1-year commitment, but requires at least a 6-month commitment. On average, our Aides perform at least a 1-year internship during their gap year or application year as they prepare for Physical Therapy or Medical School. During your internship, you will do the grunt work that enables the clinic to run. This does include laundry. You will be in charge of managing the flow for the clinical staff and participate in the provision of care directed by the provider and you will be empowered to learn how to navigate clinical presentations under direct supervision. When you matriculate into Physical Therapy or Medical School, you will be provided the opportunity to learn more hands on skills that are pertinent for your abilities as a doctor or assistant. If you would like to learn more about the program from the perspective of an Alumni, please contact us.

100% of our Physical Therapist Aide Interns who have applied to their graduate program have been accepted since our program started in 2007. Our program continues to evolve producing better and more advanced matriculating students. Join us and become your best with Experience Momentum Physical Therapy.


  • Sophomore or later in your undergraduate education at an accredited college or university.

  • 3.0 or higher in your cumulative GPA. Please note that a competitive GPA for DPT school matriculation was greater than a 3.5 in 2018.

  • 100 hours of clinical experience at another clinic. We cannot be your first experience and should not be your last.

  • Must be in the active process of taking prerequisites for DPT, MD, or PTA school.

How to Apply

To apply, please email the following to with a subject title: "Physical Therapist Aide Application - Your Name."

  • Updated CV dating back to your Junior year in High School ONLY.

  • Cover letter answering the following prompt: What do you believe are the three most important characteristics of a healthcare provider? Explain why for each. Must be less than one page, single spaced 12-point font, 1" margin.

  • Letter of recommendation by a school professor, previous professional you have shadowed, or a professional who knows you discussing why you will make a great Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Physician.

  • Unofficial Transcript from your college or university with a print date within 4 weeks of submitting your application.

We will review your application upon receipt and respond within two weeks with your application status. If accepted, you will have a 60 day probationary period to demonstrate that you can meet our expectations.

Hiring & Clerkship Policy

We do not guarantee that we will accept our aides for a clerkship during the professional schooling nor do we guarantee that we hire our aides when they complete their professional schooling. However, performing a successful internship at Experience Momentum and receiving a recommendation for hire by Experience Momentum leadership at the completion of your internship provides a tremendous advantage in your application. Apply away!


Clinical Shadowing

Undergraduate or High School 


Experience Momentum Physical Therapy does allow clinical shadowing for individuals looking to learn more about the profession of Physical Therapists. However, we do not recommend you base your decision to seek this profession on what you experience at Experience Momentum as we have a unique model that is at the frontline of the profession. Shadowing is unpaid and occurs in two hour blocks at the discretion of the provider. If you have already shadowed at other clinics, we will not accept you to shadow at Experience Momentum and recommend you apply for our internship program.

How to Set Up your Shadowing

To start, please email with a subject title: "Physical Therapist Shadowing - Your Name" and in the subject, please provide the best way to contact you. We will respond within two weeks to whether we can meet your needs or not. If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will recommend you contact us again in the future. 


Internships Under Consideration

At this time, Experience Momentum does not offer clinical internships for Physical Therapist Assistant Students (SPTA), or Massage Therapist Students. Please continue to check back to see if we begin offering this 

Beta Testing

  • We are currently testing our clerkships for Registered Dietitian Nutritionist students. Please have your program director contact us if you have an interest in exploring our programs.

  • We are currently testing our fellowship program for employed fellows. We have no Fellow positions at this time.