We are 1% for the Planet

Proud Member Since 2013


Experience Momentum donates 1% of our pre-tax revenue back to the environment.

Clean air, food, and water enables the movement our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapists restore, the use and relationship with food our Registered Dietitians counsel, and the fitness our Coaches preach.


It all started when…

Recognizing a clear correlation between human health and the environment, Experience Momentum became a member of 1% For The Planet in November 2013 and has pledged to donate at least 1% of annual revenue each year to non-profit organizations that work to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment. This means that 1% of every dollar you spend at our facility goes towards protecting, preserving, and restoring the natural environment.  

Experience Momentum’s network of non-profit partners include a variety of organizations, from local health foundations, sustainable farming efforts, and habitat preservation to national environmental policy advocacy groups. 

1% of our time, our effort, and our fiscal resources can make a difference in the shape we leave this planet for generations to come. Individually, we are mighty. Together, we are unstoppable. Be inspired to join the movement.

Our reach

Local Impact

2018 | Earthcorps

Experience Momentum believes in being an active part of our community. That means caring for our space on this Earth from the ground up. From trail restoration to park cleanups to beautification in our own city of Lynnwood, you can find Experience Momentum's staff and clients getting their hands in the dirt to support the health of our land, air, and local community. 

Previous local projects: Japanese Gulch, Interurban Trail in Lynnwood, South Lynnwood Park, Earthcorps, Keechless Lake.

Regional Impact

2018 | Nature Conservancy, National Forest Foundation

Each month, Experience Momentum nominates a Client and Employee of the month. In honor of these nominations, Experience Momentum donates $250 and $200, respectively, to a 1% For The Planet non-profit organization of their choice located in the Pacific Northwest. Through these donations, our staff and clients directly impact the regional community that makes us who we are as a company. 

Recent recipients include: PAWS, Washington Trails Association, I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition, The Center for Enviro Law & Policy, Common Threads Farm, Conservation Northwest, Pacific Northwest Trails Association, Seattle Tilth, Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network, Bike Works, Crooked Trails, I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition, Facing the Future, North Cascades Institute, North Olympic Salmon Coalition. 


Global Impact

Experience Momentum has chosen to focus its global efforts through a single 1% for the Planet organization, Plant with Purpose, based out of San Diego, California. Plant with Purpose teaches rural farming villages how to reverse deforestation, produce sustainable agriculture, and create economic empowerment. By supporting communities around the globe, Experience Momentum is helping to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment, one community at a time. 

Global Impact Trips

Every three years, Experience Momentum pays its staff to travel around the world to see our global impact. The intention of these trips is to give thanks to the communities who are innovating through our funding, but to also inspire our staff to continue our work back at home. The harder we work, the more people Experience Momentum serves, the more we can donate and the more we can support the planet. 

2018 | Thailand
Partner Organization: Plant with Purpose, San Diego, CA

In February of 2018, Experience Momentum took a team of staff members to the rural mountain villages of Chang Rai, Thailand in partnership with Plant with Purpose. To date, our funding has provided the means necessary to teach sustainable farming and irrigation practices that demonstrate greater crop yields while abandoning the use of fire to turn crops, clear cutting to create more fields, and inappropriate damming in order to flood fields. We learned how our funding assisted with the purchase and training of geotech devices allowing the villagers to survey and map their region to construct watershed allocation and effective forest fire management, and animal herd management. With the support of the villages, we were taught how they engineer their lands through renewable woods, leafy materials, earth soils and more. 

2015 | Dominican Republic
Partner Organization: Plant with Purpose, San Diego, CA

In partnership with Plant with Purpose, a team of Experience Momentum staff traveled to the Dominican Republic in March of 2015 to learn more about microagriculture and the process of bean to cup coffee. Since 2012, Experience Momentum had been funding projects in the DR targeting specific agricultural villages to support the conversion to sustainable agricultural practices while educating the villagers on how to create and maintain an internal lending program reducing the impact of fraud and abuse by corrupt financial institutions.