Our Story

Timeline & Significant Events

2019 | Experience Momentum in Fremont Opens

Experience Momentum is invited to attend the B-Corporation Champions Conference, the global conference for all B-Corporation.

Experience Momentum evolves its internal structure, updates its mission statement, and evolves its core values to its core focus. The number one core focus of Experience Momentum becomes its staff members, closely followed by the community it serves. A C-Suite team is announced, including the new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer to join the Chief Executive Officer.

Experience Momentum CEO, Shanon Tysland, speaks at the 1% for the Planet Global Summit on the Experience Momentum way and how we evolved the fabric of Experience Momentum to be inclusive to our 1% for the Planet commitment and integration of becoming a B-Corporation.

Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition & Fitness opens in Fremont, Seattle to better serve our growing Seattle community. Our Clinic opened in late December of 2018, while our Gym opened in February 2019 during the fun Snowmegedden that plagued the city. We held our Grand Opening celebration in May of 2019 and have since grown significantly into our space.

2018 | Seattle Expansion & Reorganization

Experience Momentum looks to expand into Fremont, Seattle to enable more effective and holistic service to our respective communities.

2018 | Experience Momentum is Certified as a B Corporation

Experience Momentum becomes a Certified B Corporation in October 2018 to become the first Physical Therapy Clinic and first CrossFit gym to become a B Corporation. Experience Momentum becomes one of 100 companies in the world to be both a B-Corp and 1% for the Planet certified company. This certification demonstrates that Experience Momentum meets the highest standard of social and environmental impact.

2015 | Lynnwood Flagship

Experience Momentum expands and moves into its new Lynnwood Flagship facility. Once an auto body repair shop, Collision 3 Center founded in the early 1990's, we built on the amazing foundation Collision 3 Center to evolve the shop into a different kind of body shop: a human body shop. Maintaining the vaulted ceilings and the large natural light doors, the facility wins city and community recognition for its beautification of what will become the new city center. Experience Momentum also forms its CrossFit gym, CrossFit Alderwood, creates an edible garden to provide fresh food for staff, clients, and for donation to local food banks, creates a chicken coop and houses chickens for eggs, and becomes a Core Tenant for the City of Lynnwood dedicated to improve the health of the City's residents.

2013 | Reorganization into a 1% for the Planet Company

Staff member proposes the company take action in its environmental focus and commit to an indefinite self tax. Experience Momentum begins to donate 1% of pre-tax revenue to fund clean water, food, and air projects locally, regionally, and globally. Leadership approves proposition resulting in a full re-organization of Experience Momentum Inc. to become a 1% for the Planet company.

2007 | Grand Opening of Experience Momentum Inc.

Shanon Tysland and Kelly Stephens-Tysland open Experience Momentum as a brick and mortar at our old location 0.4 miles east of the Lynnwood Flagship. Experience Momentum is re-branded as Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Nutrition & Fitness. This small 1200 square foot suite became the foundation for the movement that became a lifestyle. It was here that Experience Momentum built its loyal following.

2005 | Creation of Experience Momentum Inc.

Shanon Tysland forms Experience Momentum Inc. a life coaching business as an adjunct to his work as a Physical Therapist in Lynnwood, Wa.

Special Note: Experience Momentum would not exist without the people who fulfill its mission and vision, its staff. Growing from a staff of three to over sixty-three, we are grateful for the staff of our past. Each one of you provided the necessary stepping stones that enabled this company to move forward. Thank you for all that you are and that you have done. - Shanon Tysland


How we came to be...

Experience Momentum started as a Life Coaching company in 2005 under Shanon Tysland as a result of Shanon's experience as a Physical Therapist. Our program was simple, centering care around the person while focusing on their strengths and areas for improvement in specific realms of their daily life. The keystone was not the program, but the intention behind why we, the provider, exist. We are here to foster better health and a better life for our clients. As Experience Momentum evolved, Shanon Tysland and his wife Kelly Stephens-Tysland turned the company into Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Nutrition & Fitness in 2007.  With a staff of three, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer we slowly built a following and a reputation. For the next five years, we continued to focus on the clients we served, our community as a whole, and on our own personal growth. Personal growth brings the internal tension that drives us to evolve. As a company, our purpose had been to provide medical and wellness services to humans. However, we were seeing disease and health that continued to perplex our providers. In 2011, we began to explore the variables that impacted overall health and quality of life. All variables brought us back to the air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Without these three elements, human physiology suffered and thus our society suffers. As outdoor recreationalists, we quickly paired the impact of climate and natural resource degradation to human health and function. In 2012, we decided to actively commit to a new taxing system managed by the 1% for the Planet organization. This organization, built by Patagonia Clothing Company, is a management fund that collects voluntary money from vetted for-profit companies to then allocate funds to vetted and screened non-profit environmental organizations. The purpose? To improve the health of the planet and to provide clean air, food, and water to the world for generations to come. This shift shook Experience Momentum's organizational structure leading to the departure of some staff and clients over disagreement of our purpose and vision. With our focus re-centered, Experience Momentum reorganized and began its journey forward as a 1% for the Planet Company. In 2013, we had reached capacity at our original location initiating our expansion exploration. In 2014, we purchased a local auto body shop, which would become our Flagship facility. During this time, our focus on providing holistic health to both people and the planet had amplified and we became the medical providers for some of the local colleges, high schools, and middle schools. We began winning awards for our care provision and our commitment to community and environmental health. In 2015, we moved into our Flagship facility while simultaneously enhancing our 1% for the Planet commitment and visiting a funding site in the Dominican Republic. With both commitments in hand, Experience Momentum experienced its first hardship as we began to understand the impact of being spread too thin. Our staff felt it, our clients felt it, and our community felt it. With the amazing support of our community, our young leadership was challenged with another re-organization that resulted in an evolution and path that none of us could have imagined. We refocused our purpose placing focus back to our intention of existence and began to expand our staff one person at a time being. Over a year and a half with the amazing support of our community and staff, we emerged a robust and centered company with a renewed focus and vision. Doubling in size while improving our outcomes towards our mission and values, 2018 was met with our best years to date. Measured based on client satisfaction and goal achievement, Experience Momentum had evolved to being a small business making a large impact.

2018 brought us our first expansion into Fremont, Seattle with the completion of our Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Nutrition clinic completed in December of 2018 and our Fitness Gym completed in February 2019. We have grown into our space and are in full operations. Our Fremont community grew to the same size as our Lynnwood community withing 4 months of starting operation, unlike the 8 years it took for our Lynnwood community.

Experience Momentum continues to be locally owned and operated and has furthered its commitment to creating better health for both our clients and our planet. Being the first company of its kind, Experience Momentum is happy to be alone on its own front line, trying to redefine what's possible in this world for the health and benefit of the people and planet we serve.

What's coming next? We have determined that Experience Momentum is growing and will expand its impact in the greater community by service larger markets and sectors of health and wellness. Stay tuned for 2020. We have a lot of Irons in the fire and are excited to do more to serve our people, one community at a time.

Our primary outlet for sharing our story is through our company Instagram page. Why Instagram? Because it's photos, it's real, it's organic. It's a window into who we always are and will be. Follow us and get ready to learn how you too can redefine what's possible in your life.